Career and Technical Education

 North Smithfield  High School is excited to offer Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs in the areas of  Pre-Engineering, Business and Music. Visit our CTE page for more information.

Class of 2014 Graduation Requirements

This year's junior class, the class of 2014, are the first class required by the Rhode Island Department of Education to demonstrate minimal levels of proficiency on state tests in order to earn a diploma.  In addition to successfully completing their coursework and their senior graduation portfolio, students are required to earn a minimum score of "partially proficient" on reading and math tests.  Back in October, grade 11 students took their NECAP tests in reading, math and writing.  School-wide results are available by clicking on the "Achievement" tab at the top of this page. 


Students who did not score "partially proficient" are required to take the test again next October and demonstrate "statistically significant" improvement over their initial scores.  In preparation for that test administration, guidance, teachers, families and students will be working diligently to ensure that students meet the requirements.  Families of those who did not meet the minimum acceptable scores have already been notified, and plans are currently being developed to assist these students. 


In an effort to provide as much information as possible, I have included several resources aimed at helping students and families gain an understanding of these requirements.  Included among them are our NSHS graduation requirements, RI Board of Regents Secondary Education Regulations, and a letter from Commissioner Gist explaining the requirements.  In addition, I have attached a link below to a television interview with Commissioner Gist in which she explains the background and rationale behind the new requirements.  If you have any questions or concerns please email me a rmezzanotte [at] nsps [dot] us 

Parent Workshops

Please see the attached flyer for more information about some upcoming parent workshops.  I encourage all parents to consider attending these events.  Please email me at rmezzanotte [at] nsps [dot] us if you have any questions.

Khan Academy

Are you or your children struggling with math?  The Khan Academy website is a tremendous, FREE resource that provides tutorials and lessons in every mathematical topic imaginable- from arithmetic through calculus.  I recommend all parents and students visit this site often.  It is a great resource for homework help and for test prep.  The site is linked below.

NECAP Results

Our NECAP results are in and we are thrilled to report that our students performed exceptionally well!  Follow the link below to view detailed reports on our school's performance this year.  Congratulations to all students, parents, teachers and staff for this wonderful accomplishment!


Also, follow the link below for information on our recognition by Commissioner Gist for our tremedous improvement in writing, courtesy of Curriculum Director Clare Arnold.


Finally, see how our district compares to others by linking the article below.

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