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 North Smithfield  High School is excited to offer Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs in the areas of  Pre-Engineering, Business and Music. Visit our CTE page for more information.


Project Purple

The THP Project Purple Initiative is a national anti-substance abuse initiative of The Herren Project, launched to break the stigma of addiction, bring awareness to the dangers of substance abuse and shed light on effective treatment practices. Launched in 2012, the THP Project Purple initiative encourages people of all ages to “Go Purple” and stand up to substance abuse. Although open to all ages, the initiative is specifically directed to the target audience of school aged youth and teenagers promoting good decision making and a sober culture within schools.

The Project Purple Initiative concept was developed when Chris spoke at a local high school in 2011 and the front row of students were wearing Purple shirts. After Chris shared his story, one of the purple shirts raised her hand and stood up to speak. As snickering and laughter could be heard throughout the auditorium, the student said “Thank you Mr. Herren for validating what we do. We are the sober students of this high school and each year we take a pledge to not use drugs or alcohol.” Chris was captured by the courage it took to not only stand up and share the symbolism of the purple shirts, but was inspired to make a difference amongst adolescents across the United States.


The THP Project Purple initiative empowers youth to stand up and make a difference. The THP Project Purple initiative gives students motivation and support as they embrace a message of education and awareness. Students learn that they do not need drugs and alcohol to meet life’s challenges; that they are good enough and perfect the way they are.


We believe in the power of good choices.

We believe that every child deserves to grow up to be who they are meant to be.

We believe that through education and motivation negative peer pressure can be changed to positive peer pressure.

We believe that all students are most impacted and motivated by their peers.

We believe that students seek the truth.

We believe that students have the power to take a stand and make a difference.

We believe that students have it within themselves to take a stand against substance abuse.

We believe that students want to and can make healthy choices.

We believe that students want to show compassion and support one another.


In January of 2015 it is estimated that close to 500,000 students, politicians, sports figures and teams nationwide supported The THP Project Purple Initiative.  The initiative in its 3rd full year, has seen tremendous growth as the THP Project Purple Initiative message of standing up to substance abuse is resonating nationwide. In 2015, The Herren Project continued to expand the theme of promoting good decision making and launched a “Go Purple” Scholarship Program as well as a grant “Purple & Proud” Grant to encourage sober prom and graduation activities. For more information regarding the THP Project Purple Initiative, please visit


Teenagers can text "Listen" to 741-741. It is a 24/7 help line. This is the page with the info as well as other resources/numbers they can access:





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Please check out the new assistance available from Facebook and Safetyweb that is designed to help students and parents combat cyber-bullying.  It should be a very helpful tool for the school commmunity. 


It Gets Better Videos below:


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The counselors in the North Smithfield School District are committed to the health and well being of every student.  Each student has access to numerous resources for Social and Personal growth and development including their counselor, a school social worker, and a school psychologist.  As part of their Individual Learning Plan (ILP), each student has the ability to track their social and emotional plans from grade 6-12 and plan for the future.  The ILP is online at  A Student's Advisor and Counselor will each review the ILP with every student on an annual basis. 

The ASCA National Standards for Student Academic,Career and Personal/Social Development outline competencies that are the foundation for ASCA’s National Model.  Student competencies define the knowledge, attitudes or skills students should obtain or demonstrate as a result of participating in a school counseling program.

Personal Social Development

  • A.Students will acquire the knowledge, attitudes and interpersonal skills to help them understand and respect self  and others.
  • B. Students will make decisions, set goals and take necessary action to achieve goals.
  • C. Students will understand safety and survival skills.