Career and Technical Education

 North Smithfield  High School is excited to offer Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs in the areas of  Pre-Engineering, Business and Music. Visit our CTE page for more information.

Guidance - Academic

The school counselors in the North Smithfield School District are committed to helping each student achieve thier best academically.  Each student has access to numerous resources for academic assistance including extra help, peer tutoring, and academic counseling.  As part of their Individual Learning Plan (ILP), each student should be planning for their academic future using the their ILP at  A Student's Advisor and Counselor will each review the ILP with every student on an annual basis. 



ASCA National Standards for Student Academic, Career and Personal/Social Development outline competencies that are the foundation for ASCA’s National Model. Student competencies define the knowledge, attitudes or skills students should obtain or demonstrate as a result of participating in a school counseling program.

Academic Development

  • A.Students will acquire the attitudes, knowledge and skills contributing to effective learning in school and across the lifespan.
  • B. Students will complete school with the academic preparation essential to choose from a wide range of substantial post-secondary options, including college.
  • C. Students will understand the relationship of academics to the world of work and to life at home and in the community.



The Program of Studies for the 2011-2012 school year can be found at the bottom of the page.  You will also see our school profile as designed for the common application.  Please contact the Guidance office if you have any questions about either document. 

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