Grading Procedure Change

Dear Parent(s) or Guardian(s):

North Smithfield High School (NSHS) has changed its credit procedure beginning in the 2016-2017 school year.  All NSHS students will earn .5 credit for each semester, instead of earning 1.0 credit only at the end of the year.  An example is below.

Current English 9 (Semester One)
    Q1-40% of Grade, Q2-40% of Grade, Semester One Exam-20% of Grade

Current English 9 (Semester Two)
    Q3-40% of Grade, Q4-40% of Grade, Semester Two Exam-20% of Grade

Past English 9 (Year)
    Each Quarter-20% of Grade, Semester One Exam-10% of Grade, Semester Two Exam-10% of Grade

The hope is that this will hold students more accountable, while also giving students the opportunity for a fresh start at the beginning of each semester.   This should also give us the ability to generate transcripts more often and more quickly.  Please contact Mr. Pepin in the Guidance office at (401) 766-2503 if you have any questions or concerns about this change in grading/credit procedure.