August 2010

Report Date: 
Tuesday, August 10, 2010 (All day)


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Mr. Robert Mezzanotte, Principal


District Strategic Plan

The work needed to implement the requirements of high school reform (Strategic Plan Goal 5.0) is on-going. 

·         The school continues to develop a plan for addressing areas of concern cited in the 2010 Commissioner’s Review Report.  The proposal for teacher common planning time addresses several of these concerns.  The Leadership Team will continue its work in planning for making this time valuable and productive, as well as responsive to the stated needs outlined in the report.  A detailed description of the preliminary proposal is included in the common planning time back up information.

·         Steps have been taken to establish a school-wide understanding of proficiency at <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 />North Smithfield High School.  We are moving forward with a new approach to NECAP testing, including the implementation of incentives for student achievement.  We are also raising our standards for performance on student proficiency tasks, where students will now be required to complete all tasks to a proficient level in order to meet graduation standards.

School Improvement Plan

·         The School Improvement plan for 2010-2011 is still in development.  I will be working with the SIT co-chair, Mrs. Claire McWilliams, to draft a new plan for the start of the school year.


Professional Development

·         The high school has specific professional development needs for the 2010-2011 school year, but work still needs to be done to align school needs with district-wide initiatives.  Some of our needs include special education reorganization efforts, analysis of student assessment data, implementation of literacy-focused instructional strategies, and GSE alignment.

School Activities:

·         Football season begins: August 16

·         Rest of fall sports begin: August 23




·         We received our Advanced Placement scores for this past year and they reflect the high achievement of our students. 

·         Advanced Placement classes are highly rigorous and challenging.  The AP test, given in May, is scored on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest score.  The AP program is nationally recognized as being among the most academically challenging programs offered to high school students.  Students who receive a score of 3 or better on the AP test can receive credit for the class from most colleges and universities.

·         In AP Literature, 8 of 9 students took the test.  The class average was a 3.5, with 5 students scoring a 4 and 2 students scoring a 3.  The class instructor was Ms. Hannah Cevoli.

·         In AP Calculus, 5 of 6 students took the test, with all five scoring a 3 or better.  The AP Calculus instructor is Mr. Thomas Yeaw.

·         In AP United States History, all 15 students in the class took the test.  The class average was a 3.7, which was above the national average.  On this test, four students received a score of 3, six students received a 4, and three students scored a 5.  This class is instructed by Ms. Kimberly Rawson.

·         The following students deserve recognition for scoring a perfect score of 5 on their AP tests:

o   Philip Dupuis (class of 2010)- AP Calculus AB

o   Alec Dalton (class of 2011)- US History

o   Lindsay Lachapelle (class of 2011)- US History

o   Caitlin Sheridan (class of 2011)- US History


·         We are proud to offer three additional Advanced Placement classes for the upcoming year: AP Physics, AP Spanish, and AP Government.  The willingness of our students to challenge themselves reflects the high expectations of the entire high school faculty.


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