Career and Technical Education

 North Smithfield  High School is excited to offer Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs in the areas of  Pre-Engineering, Business and Music. Visit our CTE page for more information.

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Class of 2012 and 2013 Records Release

North Smithfield High School is in the process of clearing student’s cumulative record files for the Classes of 2012 and 2013. Anyone who graduated in June of 2012 or 2013 and would like to obtain their folder may pick them up at the high school from Tuesday, July 10th through Friday, August 10th. After that date the records will be destroyed.

NSHS/NSMS Summer School Information

Update:  Please park at NSMS and go to NSHS Library for today's meeting at Noon.


North Smithfield High School will be offering a FREE summer school for students who need credit recovery in English, Math, Science, and/or Social Studies from July 2 through August 1, 2018Students can complete the majority of their credit recovery virtually through a school provided online curriculum offered free of charge. The online curriculum includes additional tutorials and supports to facilitate student understanding of the subject content.  Students can meet with a teacher during the day (Tuesday through Thursday from 9am-12pm) for “check-ins” and assistance. The teachers will assist all students with coaching and reteaching to meet their individual needs.  Letters have been mailed home to those students that qualify for summer school.

  • To be eligible for credit recovery, NSHS students must meet the following requirements:  
    • An average of 50 or higher in the subject failed.  
    • Good standing behaviorally at NSHS.  
    • Motivated to work independently to recover credit online.
    • The administration reserves the right to approve or disapprove alternative credit recovery options. 

  • All tests and exams must be completed at NSHS without exception. 
  • All credit recovery work must be completed no later than August 1, 2018.

  • Coursework not completed by August 1, 2018 will result in the student repeating the course in 2018-2019.

Student/Parent Registration/Orientation is on Monday, July 2, 2018 at Noon in the NSHS Auditorium. 

Summer School Schedule

Tuesday to Thursday

July 3 & 5 (NSHS 9-12)

July 10-12 (NSHS 9-12)

July 17-19 (NSHS 9-12)

July 24-26 (NSHS 9-12)

Wednesday Night

July 11 (Testing only)

July 25 (Testing only)

August 1 (Testing only)


We are extending summer school next week.  We will be open on Wednesday, August 1 and Thursday, August 2, from 9-Noon both days fro help and testing.  Finish up strong!

The Lt. Governor's Entrepreneurship Challenge

The Lt. Governor's Entrepreneurship Challenge is Rhode Island's first statewide business pitch competition for Rhode Island high school students, grades 9-12, aimed at encouraging entrepreneurship and promoting business ownership right here in the Ocean State. Through this program, high school students compete for scholarships to post-secondary institutions.

Lt. Governor Dan McKee's office is partnering with Millennial RI -- the state’s fastest-growing millennial professional network inspiring more millennials to #ChooseRI to work, live and play -- to launch the first annual Lt. Governor’s Entrepreneurship Challenge.

College Application Deadlines & Information for students and parents


College Application Deadlines

Application Deadlines

Submit Counselor/Teacher Recommendation form by

October 15

September 15

November 1

October 1

November 15

October 15

December 1

October 27

January 1

December 1

January 15

December 8

February 1

January 3

March 1

January 3

March 15

January 3

College Application Notes



Summer Opportunities

 NSHS is pleased to announce the following opportunities for NSHS students this summer.  Additional information and/or opportunities can be found in our office, on our Twitter page, and in a document at the bottom of the page.  Please see a school counselor for more information.  Good luck!

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