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Congratulations ......2015 Rhode Island NECAP Science Results

     Last week the Rhode Island Department of Education released the proficiency results for NECAP Science. This test measures the percentage of students that are at or above the "proficient" level in the area of Science.  North Smithfield made steady increases at the high school level over the past few years.  Last year,(2014 results)  52.1% of North Smithfield High School students tested, were proficient or above, in contrast to the Rhode Island state average of 30.1%.

     This year, 70.2% of North Smithfield students attained the proficiency or above status, while the Rhode Island state average is 31.5%.  According to the latest district results, North Smithfield High School has the highest Science proficiency scores in the entire state!  Proficiency scores in North Smithfield have risen a remarkable 42.8% since 2008 !

     Congratulations to our students and Science Department! Your hard work and dedication is paying off!


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